Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys in Overland Park, Kansas

According to The Wall Street Journal, as many as 40 percent of adults in the United States will enter a nursing home at some point in their lives. A senior citizen has about a one in four chance of spending time in a nursing home facility of some sort. Approximately one out of every six nursing home residents is the victim of abuse every year.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Several types of nursing home abuse exist, but the most popular kind is neglect. There are four different types of nursing home neglect:

Elderly woman in a wheelchair and hospital gown

  • Medical Neglect – In the event the nursing home fails to adequately administer medications and prevent medical concerns of the resident, this is considered medical neglect.
  • Neglect of Basic Needs – Nursing home facilities are required to provide residents with a reasonable amount of water and food. Failing to do so, or not providing a clean and safe environment, is cause for a neglect of basic needs claim.
  • Neglect of Personal Hygiene – Not having adequate assistance with bathing, cleaning, or any other general personal hygiene practice would fall under this category of neglect.
  • Social or Emotional Neglect – Ignoring a resident, leaving them alone, or yelling at the resident are examples of social and emotional neglect scenarios.

Less common forms of nursing home abuse include physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse.

Why Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

Nursing homes are required to abide by a number of laws and regulations: Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA), Medicaid and Medicare, Social Security Act, Older Americans Act, Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, State Adult Protective Services, and State Penal Codes. If the standards required by these laws are not met, a nursing home abuse lawyer can fight for the justice the senior citizen and their family deserves.

There is no upfront cost in hiring one of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers.  We receive a percentage of the settlement when the claim is settled.  This means if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

The attorneys at Biesterveld & Crook, LLC represent victims of nursing home abuse and neglect and remain dedicated to recovering fair compensation for these victims. Free initial consultations can be scheduled by calling today.