Dog Attack Causes Nerve Damage, Infection

TOPEKA, KANSAS. A dog attacked our client at a search and rescue training event in Topeka, Kansas, causing severe nerve damage in her forearm and eventually leading to a serious infection. After several months of not being able to work due to unbearable pain and with medical bills piling up, the attack victim did not know what to do. Fortunately, she hired attorney Caleb Biesterveld who opened an investigation and discovered the dog had recently bit a young girl, killed a pet cat, and been trained using a bite sleeve. These facts were crucial in proving that the owner knew the dog had dangerous propensities which is a requirement to establish liability under Kansas law. After going head to head with the insurance company for a year and a half, we convinced them to pay reasonable compensation for our client’s losses.


Confidential Settlement for Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries

OLATHE, KANSAS. Biesterveld & Crook, LLC resolved an injury claim stemming from a motor vehicle collision for $312,000.00. Due to a confidentiality agreement, no other details can be disclosed about this case. 


Driver Runs Red Light, Strikes Family

OLATHE, KANSAS. Our client was a passenger in a vehicle traveling northbound on Ridgeview Road through a green light at Harold Street. An inattentive driver traveling westbound at the intersection collided with our client’s vehicle. The collision caused our client to suffer a torn rotator cuff, which required multiple surgeries. After filing a lawsuit, we recovered the maximum amount of money available under the applicable insurance policies and negotiated reductions of medical bills so our client took home a sizable amount of compensation for her pain and suffering.


K-10 Trailer Debris Causes Multi-Car Wreck

DOUGLAS COUNTY, KANSAS. Our client was injured in a multi-car collision on highway K-10 in Douglas County, Kansas. The wreck occurred because a construction company failed to properly secure a load and large debris landed on an overpass directly in front of our client. Our client suffered serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries. We located the responsible party and filed suit. 


Teenager Runs Red Light, T-bones Family

OLATHE, KANSAS. A teenager ran a red light at 151st and Quivira and t-boned our clients’ vehicle. The young driver claimed she had a green light so GEICO denied our claim. We pulled video from the traffic lights at the intersection and, with a traffic light sequencing test, were able to prove the young driver had in fact ran a red light. As a result, GEICO finally agreed to pay the entire amount of coverage available under their driver’s policy.


Rear-end Car Wreck

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS. Our client suffered neck and back injuries after she was rear-ended at 151st and Marty St. in Overland Park, Kansas. The other driver’s insurance company initially offered only $35,000 to settle the claim. However, after 18 months of litigation, multiple depositions and a mediation, the insurance company increased their offer to $135,000.


Rear-end Collision on Highway Shoulder

TOPEKA, KANSAS. Our clients, a married couple, were helping a driver on the shoulder of a highway when they were struck by a careless driver who left his lane. The husband suffered a knee injury that required surgery. The insurance company originally denied liability, but we negotiated a settlement agreement and a substantial reduction of their medical bills, so our clients were not left in debt.


Driver runs STOP sign, Causing Collision

LENEXA, KANSAS. We recovered $100,000 for our client after a negligent driver blew through a STOP sign and plowed into her vehicle.  Our client suffered a significant concussion, as well as hip and back injuries.  We were grateful to help our client obtain the insurance policy limits from both the driver who caused the collision and from our client’s own underinsured motorist policy.


Car Crash Causes Shoulder Injury

SHAWNEE, KANSAS. Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff when she was t-boned at Midland Dr. and Lackman Rd. The other driver’s insurance company claimed the shoulder injury was not caused by the car wreck. We filed a lawsuit and proved otherwise. The insurance company finally offered the policy limits of $100,000. Their initial offer was only $11,383.


Semi-truck Runs Stop Sign, Causing Wreck

EUDORA, KANSAS. A truck driver for a lumber company ran a stop sign and struck our client. The semi-truck was fully loaded with lumber, weighing tons. The force of the impact caused our client to suffer serious back and neck injuries, requiring a year of treatment. We presented the medical records and bills to the insurance company and reach a settlement agreement. 


Gas Station Fails to Correct Water leak, Causing Slip and Fall

SHAWNEE, KANSAS. We recovered $65,000 for a client who suffered a serious concussion after she slipped and fell on black ice at a local gas station.  The gas station had failed to correct a slow water leak coming from the fuel canopy which turned to black ice during a frigid winter night. 


Driver Ignores Red Light, Causing crash

OLATHE, KANSAS. While stopped at a traffic light, our client’s vehicle was rammed into from behind causing our client to suffer a severe concussion and a broken vertebra.  We made certain our client received the best medical care, and that it was completely paid for.  Our client made a full recovery, and he also took home a nice sum as compensation for his pain and suffering.


Drunk Driver Causes Car Crash

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS. Two sisters were injured in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver making a turn at the intersection of 151st and Newton.  We recovered the policy limits of $25,000 for each sister plus $14,000 from underinsured motorist coverage.  


Dog Attack Leads to Fall, Broken Arm

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS. Our client was enjoying a walk when a neighbor’s dog escaped its home and assaulted our client. Our client fell and broke her arm, requiring months in a cast, followed by months of physical therapy. Luckily, we were able to negotiate a fair settlement before filing a lawsuit. 


Teen Driver Distracted by her Phone Causes Collision

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS. A four-car collision caused by a driver looking at her phone resulted in our client suffering a serious concussion and a separated shoulder.  After filing a lawsuit and battling the insurance company for over a year, we obtained a $50,000 settlement for our client.


Speeding Driver Causes Highway Crash

SHAWNEE, KANSAS. A speeding driver’s awful lane change on I-435 landed our client in a world of hurt after his vehicle overturned.  Our injury attorneys battled to recover both the policy limits from the speeding driver and the policy limits under our client’s underinsured motorist coverage.