Schlitterbahn Tragedy

Police report that a 12-year-old boy lost his life on Sunday at the Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kan. The young boy was fatally injured on the Verrückt water slide, which is promoted as the world’s tallest water slide.

The park delayed the opening of the Verrückt several times before it was opened to the public in May 2014. At the time of the delays, there was speculation that the delays were the result of the Verrückt’s raft flying off the slide. The weight requirement for the raft is 400 – 550 lbs.

Witnesses report the Verrückt’s raft went airborne at the base of the first drop in the slide. It is at this moment that officials fear the young boy struck his head on the netting over the slide. Regarding the Verrückt, a park official has been quoted as say “It’s dangerous, but it’s a safe dangerous.”

The investigation into the cause of the young boy’s death is ongoing. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the young boy’s family.

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