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How Much Will a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Dustin Crook April 25, 2019

After a serious car accident, the cost of emergency care, rehabilitation, medications, and other healthcare services can add up to a small fortune. If you’re put out of work due to your injury, you might be facing an uncertain financial future. With so many expenses to consider, it’s only natural to be hesitant about hiring a car accident lawyer.

Fortunately, most personal injury attorneys offer free case evaluations and represent clients on a contingency fee basis. That means you won’t have to pay anything to enlist the help of a lawyer, and if your case doesn’t result in a financial recovery, you won’t owe any attorney’s fees.

There are, however, other fee structures used by law firms that may require upfront payment, or certain costs might not be contingent on the outcome of your case. Read on to learn about the most common fee structures used by car accident attorneys:

Contingency Fee

As previously mentioned, most personal injury attorneys work on contingency fee contracts. That means the lawyer will receive a percentage of either the gross financial recovery or your net recovery. The percentage charged by the attorney may be influenced by several factors including the complexity of your claim and the lawyer’s experience and track record of success.

Flat Fee

If your attorney charges a flat fee, you’ll have to pay an agreed upon amount of money for his or her legal services. Flat fees are typically used only when the lawyer can accurately estimate the resources and amount of time that must be devoted to the claim.

Due to the complexity of personal injury proceedings, it’s rare for car accident lawyers to charge a flat fee. In fact, it’s wise to avoid attorneys who use this fee structure because if a dispute arises, you’ll want to be confident that your lawyer will commit the extra time and effort needed to secure the best possible outcome.

Hourly Billing Agreements

Lawyers who use hourly billing arrangements typically require the client to pay a retainer. The retainer is usually put into a trust, and money is withdrawn as needed to pay for legal fees and other costs related to the case. Depending on the resources and time required to resolve your claim, it may be necessary to replenish the trust at some point.

Additional Costs

Your attorney should be transparent regarding any costs that are not included in the proposed fee arrangement. For example, a lawyer who works on a contingency fee basis might still charge a flat fee for delivery charges, filing fees, and other expenses; however, some attorneys only charge for these costs if the client obtains a financial recovery.

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