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Power cord on fire and plugged into an outlet

Defective Products Can Lead to Danger

Laura Thomas June 11, 2018

Defective and/or dangerous products can lead to lost property and personal injury. Victims could be entitled to compensation if the person or their belongings have been impacted by a dangerous product.

Common product liability cases often involve health and safety concerns. Millions of products, including foods and equipment, have been recalled over past years after professionals found the products dangerous or defective. Products have ranged from romaine lettuce with possible E. coli, to faulty children’s car seats, and even to cellular phones that caused small fires.

Types of Product Liability Claims

Three types of product liability claims exist: defectively manufactured products, defectively designed products, and failure to provide adequate warnings or instructions.

  1. Defectively Manufactured Products – These products are flawed as a result of how they were created and/or distributed. Examples include defective car seat, a bad batch of cooking spices tainted with lead, or a life-saving alert button for an elderly person malfunctioning. When these situations cause illness or injury and are not the result of a person’s own wrongdoing, the injured person could have a good case for filing a dangerous product liability case.

  2. Defectively Designed Products – These product issues are the result of design errors. The previously mentioned defectively manufactured products were designed to work a specific way. The issue for those was in how they were created. Whereas, defectively designed products were never originally designed correctly from the start. Examples include helmets designed to protect the skull from concussions, glass designed to be shatterproof, or a line of dishwashers with racks that collapse unexpectedly during wash cycles. In these situations, products were designed to carry out specific functions or prevent something from happening. When they fail to carry out their purpose because of flaws in the design, this is means for a lawsuit.

  3. Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions – Every product is required by law to have certain warnings and instructions for the purchaser understand how the product is meant to be used. If a product does not display proper warnings necessary to warn of dangerous possible outcomes from using the product, the product company might face a lawsuit. Examples include certain medicinal drugs with side effects, especially if used with other drugs, a child eating something harmful and there is no warning label listed on the product, or an electronic item igniting a fire when plugged in and there was no warning instructing the consumer to unplug other electronics from the outlet before plugging the item in.

Distinguishing between various types of product liability claims is tricky, especially between the first two types. Because of this, it is strongly recommended that an experienced products liability attorney help with the claim. Hiring an attorney with experience in both products liability and personal injury can be even more beneficial if injuries were sustained.

Hire a Products Liability Attorney

The attorneys at Biesterveld & Crook, LLC pursue a variety of product liability claims. By conducting state-of-the-art investigative research, we build the strongest case possible, so our clients obtain the compensation they deserve. To learn more about the general stages of a products liability claim, click here.

Large manufacturers and retailers hire defense attorneys skilled at confusing the issues in a products liability case. Injury victims need experienced product liability attorneys to gather and present necessary information to prove their claims.

Biesterveld & Crook, LLC attorneys represent people injured by negligent companies and they remain dedicated to recovering fair compensation for victims of negligent product design and manufacturing. Biesterveld & Crook, LLC offers free initial consultations to discuss and research claims. Schedule an appointment with a personal injury attorney at Biesterveld & Crook, LLC by calling today.