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Young Female Bicyclist Fallen Down on Street with Serious Injuries

Common Injuries After an Auto Accident

Biesterveld & Crook, LLC April 26, 2022

Being involved in a car accident is a difficult and emotional experience. Accident victims often suffer minor to serious bodily injuries, such as fractures, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), soft tissue injuries, cuts, head injuries, and more. According to statistics from the Kansas Traffic Crash Facts Book, there were 64,935 total reported traffic crashes statewide in 2019, including 13,353 injury crashes. Regardless of the kind of car crash you were in—or the severity of your injuries—getting adequate medical treatment after the crash is crucial.

At Biesterveld & Crook, LLC, we are dedicated to providing knowledgeable counsel and compassionate representation to auto accident victims in their injury cases. Our experienced Kansas personal injury attorneys will investigate every last detail of your case, ensure that you receive adequate medical attention, and explore your options to seek damages. We’re proud to serve clients in Kansas City, including the surrounding areas of Overland Park, Shawnee, and Jackson County, Missouri.

Factors That Cause Injury

Auto accidents are among the leading causes of injuries and death in Kansas and across the United States. When a traffic crash occurs, the driver and passengers may suffer minor to severe injuries. The magnitude of injuries often depends on the following:

  • Seat Belt – Whether the injured person was using a seat belt

  • Point of Impact – Whether the car was hit from the front, rear, or side

  • Speed of Collision – Whether the crash occurred at a low-speed or a high-speed

  • Airbags – The availability of airbags in the vehicle

  • Sitting Position – Whether the person was sitting straight or turned in a different direction

  • Broken Glass – The driver or passengers may suffer injury from broken glass, including windows or windshield

Depending on the specific circumstances, the driver, passengers, or other road users involved in the traffic collision may sustain minor to severe injuries.

Common Injuries After a Car Crash

Some of the most common injuries that are often sustained in motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Broken arms, legs, hips, and shoulders

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)

  • Head injuries

  • Broken ribs

  • Neck or back injuries

  • Scrapes and cuts

  • Bruising

  • Arm and leg injuries

  • Herniated discs

  • Chest injuries

  • Concussions

  • Whiplash

  • Knee injuries or trauma

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Internal bleeding

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

When involved in an auto accident, your health and safety should be your priority. It is vital that you seek immediate medical attention regardless of the nature or extent of your injuries.

Should I Be Seen by a Doctor?

A lot of accident victims delay or fail to get medical attention because they believe their injuries are minimal and will heal over time. However, even if you feel fine after the incident, you should still visit a doctor. Here are some reasons to receive adequate medical treatment after an auto accident:

For Your Health & Well-being

If you’re involved in an auto accident, your safety and well-being should be your priority. Even if you think you didn’t sustain any injury or your injuries are minor, it is always advisable that you seek appropriate medical attention from a qualified physician. At times, injuries and symptoms may take several days or weeks to fully manifest. Hence, the earlier you seek medical attention, the quicker you can start to recover.

For Proper Documentation of Your Injuries

It is essential to get immediate medical attention for proper documentation of your injuries. Doctor’s appointments, medical records, and other health documents can indicate the magnitude of your injuries and the medical care received. All these documents will form an important part of your documentation when filing your insurance claim.

To Comply With Insurance Requirements

Additionally, many insurance companies in Kansas have policies that indicate a limited period for accident victims to seek medical help in order to be eligible for compensation. To comply with insurance requirements, you are advised to receive medical treatment as soon as possible.

To Avoid Possible Issues With the Insurance Company

When you file an injury claim, the insurer may use your decision to delay or avoid getting medical treatment as evidence that you didn’t suffer any injury, your injuries were exaggerated, or you suffered the injuries from a different incident. Thus, your injury claims may be denied or undervalued.

How an Experienced Personal
Injury Attorney Can Help

A traffic crash in Kansas City may affect your emotional, physical, and financial well-being. Even if you think you’re not injured or your injuries are minimal, seeking immediate medical help is important for your safety and general wellbeing, for proper documentation, and for compliance with insurance requirements. An experienced personal injury attorney can advocate for your legal rights and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

At Biesterveld & Crook, LLC, our attorneys are ready to support and represent you in your personal injury case. As your legal counsel, we can:

  • Fight vigorously to protect your rights and represent your best interests

  • Evaluate and investigate the surrounding facts of your case thoroughly

  • Gather and document relevant information, necessary evidence, police reports, and witness statements

  • Seek to prove fault and establish liability

  • Help determine the full extent of your injuries and other losses, and estimate case-value

  • Help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance carriers involved

  • File a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, where applicable

Do not delay getting medical attention after a car accident. Contact Biesterveld & Crook, LLC today to schedule a simple case evaluation with knowledgeable car accident attorneys. Our lawyers will help file your injury claim and seek fair financial compensation for your injuries, damages, lost wages, and any pain and suffering you’ve experienced. We proudly represent clients in Overland Park and across the entire Kansas City Metro area, including Johnson, Douglas, and Shawnee counties in Kansas, and Jackson County, Missouri.