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Generally, the non-residential parent is required by law to pay child support. In determining the amount to be paid for child support, courts look to state-specific guidelines and other factors, including the financial resources and needs of both parents and the child.

In Kansas, the Kansas Supreme Court has adopted child support guidelines that must be used as the basis for establishing and reviewing all child support orders. The guidelines are based upon a premise that both parties have a shared duty to support their children based upon their contribution to the combined family income. A proportion of each parent’s income is allocated to the child. Child support generally continues until the child is 18 and has graduated from high school, but there are exceptions. Child support is almost always paid through the Kansas Payment Center in Topeka through an income withholding order.

Child Support Modifications

In Kansas, a child support order may be modified if the child has advanced into the next age bracket in the guidelines, or if there has been a “material change in circumstances” such that the support obligation will change by at least 10%, or if there is any other material change in circumstances such as the child becoming emancipated. Modifications usually do not operate retroactively, so it is imperative that you file a motion to modify at the earliest possible time.

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